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Small Business Philippines

I would love to have a dollar for every person who has ever asked me about starting up a small business in the Philippines. So I wrote a book about just that, ‘Making A Living In The Philippines’ and I included getting a job, investing and some other advice. Everything concerning putting food on the table on a regular basis while living the life you dream of in the Philippines.

Many expats and those wanting to become an expat think they can just throw money at the problem and a successful small business will rise up overnight. Running a business in the Philippines is no different to operating one anywhere else in many respects and very different in many more. It is actually harder and far more challenging to run your own business in the Philippines than it is back home. I’ve done both so  feel free to take my word for it.

My book looks at what businesses are successful there, which ones aren’t and some of the reasons why. Choosing the right business is a big part of the equation, as is getting good staff, training them, keeping them, firing them and paying them. Plus sourcing your stock, attracting customers, dealing with the copy cats that will spring up right next door and the lies they will spread to defame and demolish you and your business.

‘Making A Living In The Philippines’ examines some of the top, proven ideas for small businesses that we know are winners. I tell you why they are and why the duds don’t work and then include some possible big money spinners for you to think about. Nothing is guaranteed in life and that goes triple when dealing with a small business enterprise but the more knowledge you can arm yourself with the better your chances of surviving.

As well as my own experiences I have included the experiences and knowledge of other expats. Men who have made it and lost it so you can judge for yourself what you might be able to make work and what you know you should stay away from. When it comes to owning your own business in the Philippines there are a whole swag of businesses you simply are prohibited from being involved in. Plus there are many industries where you can only own a percentage of the total stock in any endeavour. The book tells you which businesses are prohibited and gives you the actual government regulations to read for yourself.

If you are thinking of helping your girlfriend or wife open up her own little business, then there is plenty for you to read and learn before you throw away your money. Forget ‘loaning’ her the money. If you help her start or improve a business you had best think of it as a gift and say goodbye to your cash and this book will explain why. And what you can do if you do want to get paid back at least some of it!

‘Making A Living In The Philippines’ is a resource, an intelligence report and an education that I think is worth the thirty bucks on the cover. After all it will cost you far more in time and trouble let alone fees and fines to learn all of this on your own. And the Philippines is one place you don’t want to be on your own when it comes to making a living.