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Thousands of men from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the EU travel to the Philippines every year and dream about one day selling up their dreary 9-5 lives back home and relocating to the Philippines. A life full of sunshine, Filipinas, cheap beer and Filipinas.

Unless you have a nice pension or other secure retirement income to fall back on, living in the Philippines full time when you still need to make a living can be problematic! Even a tropical paradise in a third world country costs money. Food, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, medical… It all adds up even when the cost of living might be half what you face back home.

The Philippines export 8 million of their citizens around the world every year to bring home the ‘remittances’ that keep this economy afloat. Jobs here are protected for citizens by Law! You can’t even run your own business doing just anything you choose because there are laws and limits on what you can and can’t do!

In fact I did it several times for nearly four years. I worked as a teacher of English to Korean students in Cebu and Manila, I had my own business covering for other ESL teachers desperate for a day off (the working conditions can be medieval!) and teaching private clients as well as managing a bar, investing in property, writing books and marketing copy, driving all over the country updating maps and a few other projects both in the Philippines and offshore. Additionally the eBook includes the experiences of others, men who have ‘been there – done that’ and know what they are talking about.

Don’t we all! I wish I had a peso for every Kano who started a business only to end up getting ‘Filipinoed’ (the on-land version of being torpedoed!) by the culture and the competition . This Book will tell you all about the types of business you can engage in, the procedures for jumping through hoops and cutting red tape and a whole lot of other very important stuff you won’t find anywhere else in the one place. You can run a business in the Philippines and you can make a living at it but there are some businesses that do better than others and this Book will list some of the best and tell you all about some of the worst.

This part of the Book alone will save you LOTS $$$$$

Some basic advice about the stock market is included along with some general discussion. The book does supply you with the web site addresses for the relevant authorities, the stock exchange itself and even a great online trading game you can play for free using real Philippines Stock Exchange stock and numbers in real time. If you make a killing playing the game then you would have made a killing for real… and vice versa.

YES! We now sell this valuable information product via major eBook distributors like and iTunes, as well as Barnes & Noble and of course, Now you can benefit from this intelligence for a third of what it used to cost! Yes, just $9.99 because we cut out all the member extras nobody was actually making use of! So instead of a bunch of free added value items, we now just sell you the info you want and for a lot less!

Correct! “MAKING A LIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES” is far more anecdotal and entertaining to read. It presents a situation you will come across in the Philippines, explains why the Filipinos do it that way and then offers suggestions as to how you can deal with it. It offers solid advice based on practical experience and real successes and failures by several Expats, not just the author. Everybody’s truth is different and so we can’t say when you get here this will happen then that and then this because it happened to me that way. But we can say, based on our experience and the years of experience of friends, contributors and other expats that you will experience this, see that and sooner or later this will happen and here is why and this is what we think you should do about it. There is a wealth of experience and information, inspiration and motivation in this eBook. Sound fair?

It is worth the cover price ten times over if you actually do decide to relocate to the Philippines.

  • What it is really like to find a job in the Philippines
  • How To Start Your Own Small Business
  • How To Choose A Small Business That Will Succeed
  • What Are The Most Likely Risks You Will Face – and there are plenty!
  • Can I work Here and Live There? Plenty do!
  • Can I earn Offshore, Say On The Internet? I did!
  • And so Much More


is the resource you need.

Bigger and better than before, the 2010 edition includes TWO NEW CHAPTERS! These chapters have been written by expats I have known for years, men who have taken their chances and are now living their dreams in the Philippines and making a good living doing what this book is all about! You can learn what works for them, what worked for me and many others and I guarantee YOU can do it TOO!

- If you want to know about the very special cultural traps you can fall into when hiring Filipinos
- If you want to know how you can earn your living ONLINE while living almost anywhere

  • TIME

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We’ve got them if you want to read them here but rather than take someone else’s word for it, we prefer you to make up your own mind. Buy the eBook and read it. If you are not happy for any reason then you have 14 days to ask for a full refund. There is one question asked (but you get your full refund regardless) and that is why are you unhappy? We think that’s fair because then we can see if we need to lift our game because “MAKING A LIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES” is just ONE in a series of eBooks that tell you how to make a living there, buy or rent property and get around safely not to mention meet, marry and migrate your dream Filipina. We don’t want to take your money off you just once and have you unhappy. We want to take money off you many times and have you tell your friends!

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